Street Food Returns to Historic Tunnel Road

Hip & happening events aren’t just for the city folk. The incredibly popular foodie attraction Street Eats is returning to Surrey in Tunnel Road, Reigate on Saturday 5th July with a very tasty line up of food.

After a hugely successful first event in May, Street Eats returns with another rip roaring programme of food, drink & music in historic Tunnel Road. Featuring food from around the world including from Portugal, Hungary, Asia, Ethiopia & Eritrea, Italy and the UK.

From 11.00am – 4.00pm you can move to the tunes, whilst filling your face and supping on beer and champagne…what’s not to like?

Check out what traders and food are in store below:


Most of us will never had eaten Ethiopian or Eritrean food. Abycina will be bringing these unique and incredible flavours to Tunnel Road.

Abycina produces three signature dishes:

Zigne – Spinach, Onion and Tomato Dish mixed with Seventy freshly ground spices including the unique east african: 7 spice, African Basil and Fenugreek

Tuimtomo – Lentil, Carrots and Onion Dish with Thirteen spices : Fresh and Ground Coriander, Garlic and Celery and Ground Ginger

Shero – Powdered Chickpeas &Tomato with Fifteen spices including: Indian Long Pepper, Gold Roasted Fenugreek

Injera- All these three dishes are served with beautiful homemade Ethiopian sour flatbread. Injera is made from Taff the world’s smallest grain and completely Gluten Free!


Hao Chii

Hao Chii or delicious in Mandarin – is a unique new venture to bring ‘delicious’ food from all over Asia to you.

‘Fusion Asian’ perhaps describes best what Hao Chii is all about. And tingle your taste buds it certainly will. Offering Bangkok Beef, tangy crispy fried chicken & to really tingle, wasabi prawns. As well as deep fried crispy chicken dumplings & veg springs rolls.

All taste tested in Singapore!


The Langos Company

Introducing The Langos Company specialising in Hungarian flatbreads.

Our Langos is not for the faint hearted. This rich, hearty food gives you a piece from the streets of Budapest which you will never forget. You can’t compare Langos to anything. It will definitely give your taste buds a run and You will come back for second!

What’s on their menu?

Langos with rotisserie corn-fed chicken, soured cream, garlic oil, Thyme & Sparkenhoe Red Leicester.

Langos with goats curd & cream cheese, caramelised red onion with spinach.

Langos with Hereford Beef ragu, fresh basil, herbs, garlic oil & soured cream with Cornish Yarg.

Langos with garlic oil, soured cream & Sparkenhoe Red Leicester.

Not only do they have fabulous Langos to fill your faces with, they also have a tipple or two to help them slide down. Sparkling wine, Champagne and wait for it… Hungarian Palinka.

“Egészségedre!” or ‘cheers’ as we’d say in Blighty!


Olly’s Fish Shack

Gourmet fish finger sandwiches to go, po boys, tacos and fish subs are all the types of food that you will see from Olly’s Fish Shack.

We believe there is a craft to a perfect mouthful. It starts with exceptionally fresh fish, prime fillets are double dipped in our secret batter and panko breadcrumbs for an incredibly light and crunchy coating – the fish literally steams inside! It builds with carefully paired toppings and finally it explodes with our home made sauces. Add these beauties to your street food arsenal and you won’t be disappointed!

Olly gets insider knowledge from a local fisherman called Graham who has also been a sustainable fish activist for many years. He tells Olly what’s in season, local and fair to the seas.

Olly’s sauces are made by hand – even the mayonnaise base for the Aioli and Tartar is made from scratch and he uses organic eggs for this from Macs farm in Ditching.


Vintage DottyVintage Dotty

Dotty is a fabulously fun & unique caravan, bursting with heaps of vintage style and charm. Serving the most devine cakes, sweet treats, ice creams & milkshakes that’ll have you going back for another…and another!

Devour cakes such as red velvet, lemon drizzle or pistachio & lime, lemon scones & lavender cream.

All complimented with either a proper cuppa, coffee or a ridiculously naughty hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows.


DinaDina’a Kitchen

Since moving to England Dina developed a passion for cooking, mainly because she was missing eating Portuguese food. This gave her the opportunity to set up her own Portuguese street food business and to give people the opportunity to know and LOVE Portuguese food.

On Dina’s menu:

Bacalhau a Bras – salt cod fish, fried potato, egg, parsley and olives

Prego no Pao – marinated beef steak, topped with melted cheese in a roll

Pastel de Bacalhau – salt cod fritters

Pastel de Nata – Portuguese custard tart


The Mobile Pizzeria

Reigate’s own Mobile Pizzeria, runners-up in the recent British Street Food Awards southern heats, will be stoking up their mobile Land Rover, ‘Scarlette’ in the Tunnel.

They will have on their menu:

Margherita – San Marzano tomato base and Mozzarella

Veg Out – Ricotta base with garlic oil, roasted peppers, field mushrooms and balsamic roasted tomatoes

Reigatian – Norbury blue cheese, pancetta & fresh figs

Lamb-a-geddon – A new lamb and mint pizza, with a distinctive Greek feel to it


Market Stores

The Market Stores will be basting their piri piri chciken as well as providing much needed beer with their fantastic Frontier beer pods to keep you refreshed.


And to keep everyone in the party spirit they’ll be Street Eat music vibes and live music from Suzi Lopez in the Tunnel.





Pizza on Wheels in Reigate…yes it’s true

There has been a recent increase in popularity of street food and it’s now creeping into sleepy Surrey.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a tweet about freshly made outdoor pizza being on my doorstep and this Tuesday decided to pop down and see what the fuss is about.

Located at the back of the car park of the Prince of Wales in Holmesdale Road, Reigate was a shiny, sparkly and very robust wood oven on wheels, whom I now know is called “Irene”. The unit is very impressive with a workspace adjacent to the oven where freshly made pizza dough was being rolled out on the surface and ingredients added from the regimented containers lining the back.

I had looked at The Mobile Pizzeria website before I left and was very impressed with what was on offer.

There is something very different about having your food cooked in front of you. You see how it’s made, you see the ingredients being used and of course you can’t get it any fresher than that.

Talking to Tim McFeeters, owner of The Mobile Pizzeria, his passion for bringing fresh locally sourced tasty pizzas to the public of Surrey oozes from every pore. He talked about his recent trip to Italy and his desire to bring that quality of food and the important of the provenance of ingredients back to the UK. He proudly states as such that only West Sussex Rare Breed Saddleback Ham is used on his pizzas plus all his supplies are sourced as locally as possible.

I ordered pepperoni pizza (I didn’t ask him about the pepperoni…don’t think Surrey is producing that…yet!). My pizza was then made in front of me, the fresh pizza  dough pulled and then smothered with a very rich tomatoey sauce and subsequently pepperoni & cheese. Tim then popped it into the wood fired oven. The smell of which evokes images of large Italian families gathering around the table eating outdoors, a car park is not quite the same but hey, I can close my eyes and wistfully dream.

There is an arrangement with the Prince of Wales that should you wish to have a pint or a glass of wine with your pizza you are more than welcome to take them next door and enjoy them there.

The pizzas straight out of the oven have a wonderful thin, wood smokey crust. I normally don’t eat the crust off my pizzas as they are either too thick and doughy or a brittle as china but I have to say that this one hit the mark.

Tim tells me that to gather as much advice as possible he recently met up with the team at Eat.St whose aim is drive British street food forward. Tim has also managed to secure a pitch at this years Reading Festival.

Our values are like our ingredients, alone they provide something good, but together they bring something amazing. So when you think of us, think not only of our delicious pizzas, think of our values too and how they combine together into a delightful experience.

Tim McFeeters

This is man who is serious abut what he is offering and it’s not just a whim. I know that Reigate has an abundance of eateries offering pizza but I am a huge advocate of supporting local businesses and I for one would rather have my pizza prepared by local people with local produce and passion than a faceless high street chain any day.

You will find Tim and his team at the Prince of Wales every Tuesday evening from 6pm and you can even ring your order through and collect…I feel the odd one being ordered whilst on the train home. You can also hire out Tim & “Irene” for events and parties in case you’re a wee bit tired of hog roasts.

I wish Tim and his team all the best in their new venture and hope that many people from Reigate will pop down and give them a try.